Tuesday, December 1, 2015

We started our day out going to MF offices with all the wonderful donations that everyone brought with them. Those got sorted while the group was taken on a tour of Mf offices. We were joined today with some of the Tillamook Rotary Club who are good friends and doing lots of good things here in Guatemala. We stopped off at the Solola Women's Co-Op to see the dying and weaving process of the beautiful bamboo products they make there. After some good shopping was completed we headed on up to El Barranco. After lunch there was a soccer game with some balls that were brought up to the preschool and lots of goodies handed out such as little flutes, balloons and stickers. Some kids were covered in stickers. Then the children performed their traditional dance and of course the monkey dance calls for audience participation. Four students got new sponsors today and anyone who knows me knows how happy that made me. We will visit them in their homes on Wed. After the dances the kids lined up to receive donations. There are never enough jackets and sweaters for girls or enough shoes for boys. It is always heart breaking but in spite of that there was a lot of smiling faces that left with a lovely treasure of something new to wear. After a bit of a rest it was off to Jose Penguino's for dinner and entertainment. Everyone got their chance to make a tortilla. Then it was off to bed to rest up for the busy day tomorrow.

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