Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I had the great pleasure to visit the newly opened El Barranco preschool. So many of these children are sponsored by friends of mine so I have a very special feeling for them. They are still at that stage where there is a lot of crying because these children have been strapped on their mothers backs or by her side their entire lives so it is scary to be away from that security.
Rodolfo of Mayanfamilies took the kids school sponsorship pictures. That was interesting since it was towards the end of the school day and the parents had started to show up to pick them up and they wanted to go home. So a few struggles and tears later all of them got their pictures done. I had to prop up one of the boys who had earlier been crying and had let me hold and rock him and now did not want to do the photo. So if his sponsor sees an adult hand in the picture it is me. I went home and had to take a shower and wash my clothes from all the dirt, tears and snot I wiped up and I still call it an excellent day.
We delivered the wonderful supplies that Debbie and Bill lutes shipped down. So many fun toys, games, art supplies and more. This will give, Soila, the teacher, great supplies to teach with. Most if not all of these children do not speak Spanish so this is one the things they are learning so when they go onto public school they will be able to keep up with the teaching.
Jay and Beth McFadyen are paying the rent on the school building which is $125 a month and Sue Franks and myself are working at raising the $900 a month for the teacher and Cook/helper. Thanks to the generous $3000 donation from Gladys Loewen's mother the $900 a month debt has been helped greatly.
I would love to show you this school in person so if you ever feel the urge let me know and you can join one of our group trips to this enchanting place. All the photos can be seen on the Picasa site at the right of this page.