Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last night 3 of the folks going on the Feb. mission trip to Guatemala came over for a packing party. It was really a ploy on my part to get rid of some of the donations I have that I never have room to take with me. I let them drink wine and visit first then just started cramming stuff into the tubs they brought before they new what happened....including adult diapers. They were good sports about it.
And I am very excited to tell you that Gene and Sherry sponsored a student of a former team member who was unable to sponsor her again this yr. They are now the proud sponsors of Santa from El Barranco. So we are off to a great start. Santa is the one in the middle front in the pink sweater. She still has black on her sweet cheeks from performing in the monkey dance.
I am very excited about the projects for this team. I have just found out that Mayan Families has been able to rent a great property for a community center which will include a preschool for El Barranco. All of my teams that have sponsored students are in El Barranco and there is so much we can do for this village. It is the perfect place to set up a project for sustainable living. More on this later.
Stay tuned for updates starting Feb. If you are interested in helping with this project please contact me at We will need funds to build tables. chairs, book shelves, toilets etc. Also we will need all the supplies needed to start a preschool.