Friday, December 11, 2015

Last day at the lake

Today we visited the San Antonio preschool where the children entertained us with a couple songs. Then to the well known San Antonio pottery workshop and store.
So many beautiful designs to pick from. A stroll through town brought us to a young man selling woven bracelets and a couple of people in the group noticed the horrible condition of his shoes. After a call to Sharon at MF we put him on the truck we were riding in and took him back to Pana and MF offices to find him a new pair of shoes. They had a pair of like new trainers that fit him perfectly. Then several contributed money and Lisa took him shopping for a new backpack and a food basket was also donated for him to take home. I am sure he felt he won the lottery that day. He was so sweet and very timid. Selling on the street is not easy and it must be near impossible for someone so timid. But you do what you have to do to survive. While we were walking around Cheryl took a step and felt something crack so when we returned to MF off the visiting doctor at the MF Medical Clinic happened to be a podiatrist. What were the odds on that one. So she was taken for ex-rays and they showed a small spiral fractures so of cousre MF had a boot that fit her and she continued on the remainder of the trip not letting a little break stop her. What a trooper. We then visited the MF wood shop trade school where they make beautiful gifts and practical furniture to order.
In the evening we had our MF farewell dinner where they provided an hour of Salsa lessons. Too much fun.

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