Friday, September 21, 2012

Time is nearing for the next Grace of Guatemala trip and it should be a fun trip since it will be over Dia de los of the dead or all saints day which is Nov 1. We will be going to see the flying of the hugh hand made kites and visit the colorful cemetery. We will be returning to visit El Barranco and the delightful people of this lovely little village and delight in the children and their traditional dances that they love to perform for us. There are those who are returning and those who are going for the first time. The mix is so nice because the veterans are so helpful for those who are coming for the first time. Several of the group have sponsored students so we will be visiting some or all of their homes which is always a highlight of the trip. Seeing your sponsored student in there homes and meeting their families is a very special treat and often very emotional. Everyone goes away changed forever in a very good way. Hope you will follow along on our journey come the end of Oct. I will try to keep up with the events as we experience them. Sometimes I get a little behind but I will do the best I can to help you see what we see.