Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Home visits, stoves and deliveries today. Five students to visit and two stoves to install. As usual things did not go quite as planned. The stoves were delayed because of a parade or some such thing in Solola where we have to pass through to get to El Barranco. Once they arrived we were able to get after it. It turned out that one of the stoves we were installing was also one of the students we were visiting. We split into two teams and unfortunately because of the way things worked out one team installed both stoves. I guess the other will just have to return again so they can install a stove. We brought food baskets, corn and a closet plus lots of donations for the families of the sponsored students. The closets are locally made so this also helps other families along the way. This day is very emotional for most as they see the extreme poverty these humble Mayan people live in. In spite of having so little they still often give gifts to the sponsor. Today was a first for me….The family makes their own clothing so they presented Lynette with a full traje ( complete traditional outfit). Then on top of that they had prepared lunch for us of a traditional Mayan dish called polique…of which I am sure I spelled incorrect. So beautiful and so generous. All returned dirty and tired but with full hearts.

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